Kenosha Kid/Cheap Heaven/Fourth Mansions at Huffer House Nov. 17

from Kenosha Kid


Huffer House
130 Standard Oil Street
Athens, GA 30601

6pm Sunday November 17

Harvest of Sound
-New music featuring-

Kenosha Kid
Cheap Heaven
Fourth Mansions

6:00 Refreshments
A sensible amount of tasty beverages and snacks will be provided by Half-Shepherd Market & Cheese Shop! Bring more if you need less sensibility.

7:00 Fourth Mansions
Joe Rowe’s current outfit! From the Fourth Mansions publicist:
This Fourth Mansions is a minimalistic structures visited by time death hope friends love summer renewal murder doubt longing

Accompaniment by Peter Alvanos and Bryan Poole

7:30 Cheap Heaven
Synthist JoJo Glidewell (Modern Skirts/of Montreal) presents his first solo performance of improvised/generative music and debuts some compositions which were born in his attic studio, Sky Slaw.

8:00 Kenosha Kid
Strong-enduring, long-endearing instru-experi-mental ensemble featuring the music of guitarist Dan Nettles. Tonight will debut several new category-defying, clamoring-for-hyphenatation compositions, with capable assistance from drummer Seth Hendershot and bassist Luca Lombardi.

Sold Out


Kenosha Kid Athens, Georgia


The melodies are haunting, the grooves are devastating, and the band expertly serves jazz purists, indie-rock hipsters, and funk loving jam fans alike.

"...jazz as if Kenny G and Wynton Marsalis never came along to ruin the genre's mainstream and leave its great minds to squawk away in an underground vacuum." -Flagpole
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